1. First you must get an account. To do this you must visit our homepage "www.g-sro.de" and click on "Anmelden". Now fill in the boxes. After you do that you must look at your e-mails for an e-mail from us to activate your account. After activation you have successful made an account

2.Download the client and Media.pk2. You can find the downloads for the client and Media.pk2 at our homepage "www.g-sro.de" at the category "Downloads". There you can choose the following points: "G-Sro Client 1.150" and "Media.pk2". Now you must download the two files.

3.Install the game. After you download the two files execute "G-Sro Client 1.150" and install it.

4.After a successful installation you must put the downloaded Media.pk2 in the game dictory or G-Sro will not work!

5. If you do the steps you can launch now the installed Silkroad and play it =).

6. Have fun!


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